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Professional societies serve as the perfect hub for aspiring professionals to work on their craft, develop important connections, and utilize tools provided by the overarching membership. Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects and he is one of the foremost leaders in the world of architecture today. With decades of experience in the field to go along with his mantle filled with industry awards, Ivy is in a unique position to impart wisdom upon people following into his path. Let’s take a moment in order to learn about Robert Ivy and his perspective on the role of the professional society.

The AIA, or American Institute of Architects as we stated above, is a professional society that seeks to serve architects of all ages and professional levels with the kind of important information and connections that they need in order to succeed in such a specialized field. Right now, and in the past as well, there has not been a large body of worker organization for architects to fall behind such as the prominent trade unions and professional organizations that span a wide array of other industries. As a result, the work that Robert Ivy is doing with the AIA is more important than ever.


Many aspiring architects probably envision a career path that entails going to school, serving as an intern, and then working their way up the corporate ladder and into an architectural firm. While this path is relatively straightforward and easy to understand, it, unfortunately, isn’t the truth of the industry. Instead, professional societies like the AIA are serving as the bridge that is filling in the gaps between education and professional placement.

At the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy touts a plethora of positive benefits that members can enjoy. From a unified lobbying voice looking out for architects everywhere to key networking events and data analytics, professional societies serve as an ideal way to vault your career upward and to the place that you’d always envisioned it. Some professional societies even serve as a badge of honor to go on your resume as you seek work.

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