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Support Tools and Data

Robert Ivy has been the American Institute of Architects CEO and Vice President since 2011 and knows the importance of being surrounded by professional personnel to sustain the professional standards needed as an architect. That is probably one of the reasons by the has such essential support tools and data available on its website. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

The thing that sets aside a trade association from a professional association is several qualities. First, there is the quality of professional support over attracting numbers. Secondly, there is the difference between a sustained effort to provide qualified expert knowledge over passing tips and freebies. Lastly, a professional organization prides itself on having a well-established support team that interacts with its members on a regular basis during training camps, seminars, chapter meetings, and yearly conferences. The importance of sharing professional knowledge and trends cannot be underestimated for a professional organization that is concerned with being #1 in its industry.

A Winning Philosophy

A quality highly desired among professionals is to be associated with a winning philosophy as well as interacting with others who are noted as successful among their peers. Just as difficult it is to hire the #1 Rock and ROll act for a birthday party, so it is just as difficult to attract the most professional practitioners in a professional field into a group that again and again shows no advances in their common profession. Having a common goal is essential for a professional organization, and it seeks to make the best knowledge and performance practices for its members. For example, Robert Ivy has been most instrumental for increasing the number of members of AIA since he took over the role as CEO in 2011. Today AIA has over 90,000 members worldwide.


Support Thru Association

According to Robert Ivy, one of the reasons for joining a professional organization is the support received as an associate with others professionals who have the same goals of service and trained in a like-minded manner. While having many members is critical professional organizations rely upon the increased growth in their abilities as professionals. Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, AIA offers courses throughout the year to its member thru affiliate universities and professional schools, to advance in the field of architecture. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

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