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Rodrigo Terpins has a life full of success from being a passionate sports person to becoming an admirable businessman. He carries his father mantle of triumphing in everything he touches. Rodrigo is the most talented rally rivers in Brazil, and when young he admired and emulated his older brother Terpins Michel, a high achieving rally driver. His father is a famous basketball player making the family who motivated him to achieve his goals and his sporting family supported him in winning and becoming a household name as the most admired rally driver.


Rodrigo Terpins has completed over five Sertoes Rally and carrying the day’s trophy, and he has also participated in different off-road competition emerging the winner. According to Rodrigo, the winning power is a routine interconnected with his DNA. Rodrigo Terpins together with his brother Michel Terpins founded the Tea Bull Sertoes Squad team. The team with the mandate of winning and helping other young and talented rally driver get the grip of comfort, safety and winning power behind the wheel. You can visit Terra for more.


The brothers have also raced against each other and embracing the winner with an equal measure of love and the pilot the T-Rex car manufactured by the MEM Motorsport of Brazil. The vehicle was specially designed and built for the Terpins brothers. Additionally, Rodrigo Terpins has a stunning taste for the T1 prototypes of the racing category, and at 44 years he states this grouping keeps his mind adrenaline racing high. He also indicates the T1 type of racing is what keeps him actively involved in competitions and rally racing. The latest Sertoes Rally saw Terpins winning the race, and it was the 22nd edition that covered 2,600 km, and it took the racers through seven difficult and exciting courses that diverged through two Brazilian states.


Rodrigo Terpins states that the courses were uniquely designed to test the rally driver’s attitude and their energy to competition and also their mental and physical agility. Rodrigo Terpins is the T5 Partipacoes senior director, and his core duty is managing the most robust rally competitions in Brazil. He studied at Saint Hillarie for his management and corporate governance skills, and he remains the most admired international and national Brazilian car racer.



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