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Richard Liu Qiangdong is a leading entrepreneur and a business mogul who is known all over China and other parts of the world. The owner and the Chief Executive Officer of JD.com, an e-commerce platform that sells different brands has been able to do in China what Amazon has done in the United States. He has been very competitive in an industry that has other online platforms that sell similar products. Here are some few important lessons that upcoming entrepreneurs can learn from him. The first lesson that individuals can learn from Richard Liu is that they should remain in a single position, especially if they are not earning sufficient money and joy. Richard was an employee of Japan Life, an organization that was selling medical products.

Although he was holding some senior positions such as the director of computers and the director of business operations, Liu was not happy about his position, which made him to move out and start his own organization. Secondly, Richard Liu is an innovative entrepreneur who has been able to move with time and the trends in the market. After starting a brick and motor store, he expanded the company to more than 12 branches which were specializing in selling optical and magneto products.However, he realized that there was no future in brick and motor retail outlets, which forced him to go further and start an online platform, JD.com, which has become a daring of many individuals.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has been able to move the company into greater heights to the point where its net worth is more than $56 billion. His innovative strategies have enabled the organization to invest wisely without making losses while at the same time making huge profits that have enabled the organization to move in the right direction. Lastly, young and upcoming great entrepreneurs should invest their energy in ensuring that they can easily understand the trends in the market and invest appropriately. Richard Liu has implemented a new channel that delivers quality goods and services to luxury buyers who are willing to spend much money for quality goods and services while at the same time getting luxury experience.