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When Ray Kroc met Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky in 1955, there were seven McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S., and not even a hint of the possibility of going global. Arthur and Harry were the principals in Otto and Sons, a successful local wholesaler of quality meat products in the greater Chicago area. Little did Kroc or the Kolshowsky’s realize that by 2018, McDonalds would be operating 36,000 restaurants in 110 countries, and Otto and Sons, re-branded as OSI Group, would be the 9th largest meat and poultry processors in the U.S. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership helped to shape two worldwide market leaders in the food industry.

According to OSI Group McDonalds relationship has been and still is pivotal to the development of both companies into the global juggernauts they are today. As McDonald’s grew and expanded its reach, Otto and Sons, soon to become OSI Group, continued to partner with Kroc as he assumed ownership of the rapidly growing leading food company. The OSI Group McDonalds pairing that started as a handshake agreement to provide ground beef for a local hamburger establishment grew into a friendship between like-minded entrepreneurs, culminating in the partnership we see today, that now spans continents.

How did they do it? OSI Group stayed on the cutting edge of the technology that allowed them to provide the consistent quality food that Kroc demanded. When you grab lunch at your local McDonald’s, or at a location while on vacation miles away, it is a given that your Quarter Pounder with cheese is going to taste the same that day as it did the last time and will again the next time. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership between local butcher and erstwhile entrepreneur is one of the main reasons you can rely on your culinary experience being exactly what you expect – every single time.Even though OSI Group is far removed from its humble beginnings, the guiding principles that led to such growth can apply to any size enterprise today. Relationships are still essential, along with mutual commitment to high quality brand and consistency. That blueprint for success that worked in 1955 is just as valid today.