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Serge Belamant is a former Executive Officer and President of the organisation Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. since 2000. He has skills in the operations, research, security, biometrics, neural network and online compact processing systems. He worked at Control Data Corporation as a computer scientist for ten years, where he won several awards. Later he worked in one of the largest ATM at Saswitch ATM network in South Africa as a designer, implementor and an operator.H e has also worked in fields of biometrics and sports. His skills and knowledge in technology have been the inspiration behind goods and services in most industries.

In 2017, during the Q1 results, Serge Belamant talked of the influence challenges that come due to a colleague’s agenda, he also spoke on the status of SASSA. For Q1 results the revenue was approximately $148 million. The factors that contributed to the revenue result that year were granted airtime sales, the changes in shares in Korea, the low essential EPS, and merge of the higher share count.

During Q1 Net 1 recovered more shares more than usual hence making an unplanned debt payment in Korea. Technology adjusts very rapidly, and as a result, the ability to maintain global inclination and improve the high tech solution is the greatest strength of the business.

During the Q1 results, Serge Belament said that a particular country level of advancement accord to any technological product and business model, hence specific technologies should be implemented in certain countries. An M-Pesa in Kenya did a good job and built a network of individuals and agents who act as a mechanical computer system such as ATM, unlike in SouthAfrica the national payment failed since it’s of fundamental nature and more authorised.

In 2017, Serge Belamant retired but became the director and chief executive officer of Net 1, leading to developing recognition of U.S public companies. The division of the leader’s role in the same year was the best collective governance model for the company at that time. Serge Belamant continued providing cogitating services to the company for two years. He has made the company the top best in payment systems and mobile technologies.

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