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Dr. Clay Siegall is the proud founder of Seattle Genetics where he is still the CEO. The entity is a biotech company, which specializes in the development and improvement of targeted drugs for cancer therapy. Siegall is an alumnus of the University of Maryland from where he earned his bachelor of science in zoology. He additionally holds a Ph.D. from the George Washington University in genetics.

Clay founded the firm in 1998, and since then, he has stewarded the corporation to lead the targeted therapy sector. Seattle Genetics is also the developer of the first antibody-drug conjugate to be approved by the FDA. Under Siegall’s leadership, the firm has risen from being a biotech startup to a veritable cancer research player. With an unending list of drugs under the development pipeline, Clay Siegall possesses big plans for the future of the company. This is partly evidenced by an always-increasing number of reliably potential indications for the existing drug portfolio for the firm.

Clay Siegall posits that Seattle Genetics is well geared to enter into the drug development sector of the 21st century. Additionally, Siegall firmly believes that the old generation of cancer treatment methods, including systemic chemotherapies, are designated for the historic trash bin. As the efficiency and effectiveness of targeted therapies bear more fruits that are significant in the future decades, Dr. Siegall believes that they will supplant the old treatments.

Since his younger years, Clay Siegall has always been interested in medicine, a reason to overcome disease and the power of technology. All the three aspects thrilled him on how they could intervene in the course of nature and reverse the fate of those destined for death. Siegall posits that he was first interested in cancer when studying for his zoology degree. This was following a family member’s diagnosis of cancer. He says that the treatment regimen to the patient was utterly brutal, which according to him, could kill.

Later, Dr. Clay Siegall grew some interests in other forms of treatments, often entailing amputation and radical surgery and saw the need for a better way of doing things in the cancer research and therapy sector, and that is how he primarily started. Through trial and errors, Clay Siegall, through Seattle Genetics are developing better-targeted drugs.


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