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The first McDonald’s restaurant was started in 1955. this Des Plaines, Illinois location was the first of many locations to come. At this time the franchising business model was still very new. The company needed a regional supplier of meat products. Located in Chicago, Illinois was a German immigrant’s family owned meat market business. The sons of the founder of the meat market made connection with McDonald’s. Together, OSI Group McDonald’s was formed and these partnerships allowed both businesses to boom.

OSI Group McDonalds began to grow outside of just having a regional partnership. They became a global force together. For the following two decades, both companies worked to establish relationships, the capital and facilities to grow and tap into new markets. McDonald’s wanted to make sure all franchises had the same burger. This is when OSI Group went to work to create an affordable, consistent meat that all franchises could have. OSI Group was able to transport meats to McDonald’s locations for over a long period of time.

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Globalization became a mission for OSI Group McDonalds. They both wanted to become international corporations. These corporations decided to spread their business operations throughout North America. South American became another market these two companies went after. Asia and Europe came next. OSI Group McDonalds was able to make acquisitions and increase their portfolios by buying up other companies. Though leadership has changed and operations have expanded, the core values of these two brands have never swayed away from the values that first got them started.

OSI Group McDonalds was birthed out of the spirt of innovation. Both separate businesses were started by hard working individuals who had a vision. This vision led to a classic food item that caused McDonald’s to become the powerhouse it is today. A consistent hamburger joined these two forces and put both of them on the map. McDonald’s is still in business today due to the hamburger patty created by a small family butcher shop. Today, OSI Group is a billion dollar brand that has been around for an entire century that continues to push forward in the world of food production.

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