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David J. Osio is a reputable businessperson, he tries to impact the world positively through his consistent philanthropic efforts. His reputation primarily lies in his support for art, medical research, music as well as the community. For the last two decades, David Osio, a reputable financial counsel expert, has consistently been collaborating with several non-profit agencies whose cause betters people’s life, art, culture, and music in the communities where he establishes a business.

David J. Osio continues to expand his profound support for charitable causes on an international scale. Noticeably, Osio has been supporting the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MSO) where he has been serving as a board member. Osio, who is the Davos Financial Group CEO, acknowledges how rewarding it is for such iconic foundations to remain operational on his funds to bring joy to the community. Internationally, Osio has been supporting The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation for a long time where he has traditionally been sponsoring EPK events, year after year. Learn more:

Osio believes that even the smallest bit of help counts in regards to children’s medical research. According to him, it would be great if someday those who are fortunate enough will make the financial difference count positively. Osio is well known as the CEO of a firm, which he founded, Davos Financial Group advisory group. Osio, with his excellent leadership skills, has led the company and positioned it strategically in both domestic and global markets.

Osio has also significantly made donations to other organizations such as UMA Foundation, Wayuu Taya Foundation as well as the Fundana Foundation. Osio plays a significant role in supporting the arts by giving funds to the Miami’s Saludarte Foundation of Art. With all these donations and charity activities, Osio has been internationally awarded and recognized.

David J. Osio is the financier who founded the Davos Financial Group (DFG). As the CEO of his firm, David Osio is primarily responsible for both local and global strategies. Over the past two decades, Osio has managed to transform the DFG into a global firm, which has existing offices in the primary financial centers throughout the world. Osio graduated magna cum laude as a lawyer in 1988 with honors from the Caracas’ Catholic University Andres Bello.

Osio made his debut in the career in Venezuela at Legal Desk MGO, as a Director. He strived to provide the multinational clients such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro with reliable legal advice. Around ten years later, between 1996 and 1998, Osio completed a specialization at IESA (Institute of Higher Administration Studies) in Caracas. In 2010, Osio attended the New York Institute of Finance to study Management Investment Portfolios.

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