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How would the business world survive without the contribution and the brains of the great private equity investor Steve Murray? This question was lingering in the minds of businesspersons that recognized Murray and his contributions in the investment industry when they received the news about his death.

Steve Murray is the immediate former president and chief executive office of the CCMP Capital. He had been occupying this position since 2007. He stepped into the shoes of the former president Jeff Walker. Before he became the president of CCMP Capital, he had been working with the previous CCMP Capital companies for over eighteen years. One of the companies that he was working for the JP Morgan Partners before it spun out to form CCMP Capital.

In addition, Steve’s contribution in the CCMP Capital as the president will continue to be felt forever. Just before his exit from the company, he managed to raise over $3.6 billion for the Corporation on Crunchbase. The move catapulted him to international recognition, and he was listed in the coveted SEC Filings courtesy of this accomplishments.

Moreover, Murray has been a committed investor in the private equity firms as he has been serving as a chair and a member of various boards of different companies. Some of the boards that will miss the contributions and the wisdom of this great investor include the Jetro JMDH Holdings, Octagon, Infogroup, Aramark, Warner Chilcott, and Crestcom International among others. The legacy he left in these companies will live forever, and the other members will really feel his absence.

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Murray had a strong value for the family set up. He was a family man as he had a wife and children. According to his colleagues, his wife and children meant the world to him, and he would do anything in his power to protect them.

Moreover, the ability to form relationships with people in the line of his business made him a great salesperson and a dealmaker.

Despite his great success in the investment world, it is unfortunate that Steve Murray had to leave without notice at his tender age of 52 years. His demise has caused so much pain and anguish to not only his wife and children but to the entire world. He has left a legacy that would influence generations after generations.

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