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In a recent issue published by PR Newswire concerning Global Tel Link who provides inmate communications services has been involved in several integrity breaches and wrongdoings. This will be further emphasized by Securus Technologies through the release of findings at various press releases over the next 6 month period. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith is appalled by the actions of Global Tel Link, as there should not be a tolerance of such actions within the industry. Neither by the customer nor the industry at large.
A formal investigation was launched by the Louisiana Public Service Commission or (PSC)regarding the outbound telecommunication service they provided to the Louisiana Department of Corrections and their inmates. The investigation found several discrepancies including over billing, double billing and artificially inflating tariff charges without authorisation. According to PR Newswire’s reports, these malpractices allowed Global Tel Link to overcharge Louisiana taxpayers by $1,243,00.

Securus Technologies and it’s current CEO Richard A. Smith believe that this type of behaviour should not be tolerated and the correct actions should be taken. Although the industry is there to make money they should do so with integrity as well as keeping the customers best interests at heart.

Securus Technologies launched ConnectUS in January of 2015 which is known as the most advanced inmate facing operating system. This software allows several great applications to the inmates while automating critical operations necessary for its functioning for the corrections agency and its staff. This operating system is the first of its kind and is the future of corrections technology and the way inmates will be communicating with the outside world.

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  1. Just prior to this release Securus America Technologies aquired CellBlox which is a system that prevents the use of contraband wireless units in the correction facility as a whole. It is true that buying college papers online can also make everything work so well for them too.

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