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It was in September 2014 that Whitney Wolfe Herd launched Bumble. Her app, where women make the first move, and since gone on to become the second most used dating app. She leads this Austin, Texas-based firm as the chief executive officer and sets the overall agenda of where the company goes with this app. Since launching as strictly a dating app it is now able to help users find new friends and establish business contacts as well. Read this article of Whitney Wolfe at Deadline

A recent feature that she had added to Bumble is “Snooze“. As Whitney Wolfe Herd knows herself many smartphones are an endless cacophony of noise from notifications and alerts. You can put Bumble into “Snooze” mode and it will stop alerting you to matches until you turn this feature off. She says that this tool also includes ways to prioritize wellbeing and go on a digital detox holiday. She said that she wanted to give users a way to disconnect by their own choosing. She thinks spending too much time on social media is harmful to people, especially younger women.

Before implementing this feature the team at Bumble conducted a survey of 2,250 people. One of the things they learned was that more than 60% of younger women felt that they were overwhelmed by social media. Dr. Jessica Carbino, who works for Bumble as their sociologist, says that one of the big problems with social media is that it gives people an unrealistic sense of who they are and how others perceive them online.

While Facebook has been moving into the dating scene recently Whitney Wolfe Herd has been increasingly moving Bumble into the general social media space. Most dating apps are very dependent on Facebook and the data they collect. This isn’t the case with Bumble as it collects its own data. Whitney Wolfe Herd has said that her company at one point needed data from Facebook but this is no longer the case. She said that when they introduced a way to log in that wasn’t through Facebook the number of people registering to Bumble shot up by 40% which she found to be quite telling about who is using her app.

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