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Yeonmi Park is a unique individual as she is one of the few individuals who has been able to become a North Korean defector. As a young woman, Ms. Park has shown ample amount of courage and has the current mission of helping those who wish to flee from the border of North Korea. As having to live through this experience, Ms. Park is sympathetic to the horrors and the starvation that can be experienced during this dangerous journey. In recent news, Ms. Park has written a new book called In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom that recounts her life as a North Korean defector and all the sacrifices that she has made over the past ten years to get to where she currently is.
In Ms. Park’s recent published book, she is able to communicate to people all around the world of the horrors that she faced while in North Korea as well as during adventure across the border. Ms. Park was born in 1993 to a North Korean family that was respected within the community. Though her family started well off, the economic collapse in the late 1990s encouraged Yeonmi’s father to become involved in the black market as she admitted on News.Au, in order to feed his family. Ms. Park’s father was eventually thrown into prison as a result of smuggling metals into China.

The starvation and isolation that were experienced by Ms. Park and her mother are what encouraged the two to flee from their former country. Though they were able to cross the border, Ms. Park also talks about her enslavement in human trafficking. This involvement motivated Ms. Park to become passionately involved in making sure individuals who are fleeing from North Korea, make it safely across the border. Ms. Park’s current mission according to her Reason TV statements, is to unite all North Korean defectors in order to educate the world as well as international organizations on the brutality and injustice that the citizens experience in North Korea.




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